4 ways to make recruiting and hiring employees easier

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4 ways to make recruiting and hiring employees easier

According to glassdoor.com, the interview process for just one position now takes an average 22.9 days.

That’s nearly a month of preparation, sifting through resumes, and scheduling and conducting interviews by you and your hiring managers.

Is it surprising that HR professionals would be looking for ways to shorten this process and make it easier for all involved?

Whether you hire just a few employees per year or a few hundred, a recruiting and applicant tracking system to streamline the process can keep your hiring goals on track and organized – here are the top 4 ways:


Manage applicants in one place


A recruiting and applicant tracking system functions the same way as other components  of your HR Platform – organizing your applicant data, resumes, onboarding documents, and allowing you to schedule interviews from one single-sign-on location.


Ensure timely follow-up and efficient internal communications


One of the more cumbersome exercises during the hiring process is staying on top of applicant communications and ensuring your team is looped in.

Applicant Tracking features like built-in custom application forms, email templates, and offer letters allow you to easily communicate with your candidates – while an activity feed helps you monitor every step of the process and your hiring managers’ interaction.


Click once, post everywhere


It’s a pain to manually post your job openings to each job board.

With an Applicant Tracking system, one-click job postings allow you to post your job to sites like Ziprecruiter, Monster, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and industry-specific and local job boards.


Find the right fit


In order to find the right fit, you need to attract the right candidates.

Applicant Tracking systems allow you to integrate your social media profiles to effectively get the word out about opportunities at your organization. Another great feature is video interviewing, which helps showcase your employer brand and communicate a positive first impression for your candidates.


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